Grow your own vegetables and fruits inside heart and star shaped molds; harvest and slice.  The heart and star shaped slices are great on salads, in pasta, on pizza, in your favorite cocktail, or just on their own! provides heart and star molds throughout the United States for both wholesale and retail markets. Every mold is BPA Free, UV protected, food safe, and reusable. The one piece molds are patented by Zayin Technology SL. 

VeggieMold is a family owned business that prides itself with unmatched customer service. We

provide molds for home gardeners, large scale gardeners and farmers' market growers, along

with wholesale farmers and retail stores.

Use Veggie Molds to enhance your salads and pasta with slices of cucumbers and tomatoes in the shapes of hearts and stars. Imagine slices of squash and zucchini on your pizza.  Fruit trays with pears, figs, and mandarin oranges. Fresh lemonade with slices of heart shaped lemons on the rim. Your favorite cocktails with star shaped limes or cucumbers in them.  Have heart and star shaped pickles to delite your family and friends.   The fun is endless. Heart And Star Molds

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